Red Rock Beach – Corindi River

I’ll be honest. I like my bed, quite a lot. So motivating myself to climb out of bed at 4.30 in the morning in order to be by the beach at first light was certainly no small task.

Many times before I planned to rise early to capture some early morning seascapes, and many times I have hit the snooze button only to blink and find myself looking at the clock and wondering how it was suddenly 7.30am?

All that aside, and after some key motivation in meeting up with my photographer friend Jess and knowing there was going to be a large mug of cappuccino and rather sizable croissant waiting for me soon after, these photos prove that the world does exist at 5.30am and that I can actually drag my butt out to see it.

And what a beautiful thing it is. A life force in itself, constantly morphing and throwing out beautiful streams of golden red hues against the dark blue sky. For years the scarlet red rocks of the appropriately named Red Rock beach had intrigued me.

I always knew it would look spectacular on sunrise.







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