Clarence Gorge

Last weekends adventures took us intrepid explorers, Karl, photographer friend Jess and myself to the rugged Clarence Gorge, in Northern NSW.

Located on a working cattle property, it is extremely popular with campers, fishermen and canoeists. More information can be found on The Gorge website.

Though it was completely the wrong time of day for the best photos, in fact climbing rocks and following cattle trials in the heat of a summers day wasn’t entirely ideal or well planned on my part, it was a great opportunity to explore the area and prepare for some future sunrise shots later on in April.

We were greeted earlier in the morning by the property’s owner who took us up the river on his little tinny. As we approached the rapids, he pulled up the boat beside a rock escarpment 10 metres tall. ‘Here is where you guys get off’ he said. We looked up at the small cliff and said ‘okay!?’ with puzzled looks. Climb to the top and follow the cattle trial for 950m and don’t leave the trial (which we did). Somehow, we lugged up our heavy camera gear and tripod, then followed the trial (which disappeared frequently into swamps and lantana bushes) following the roaring sound of the cascades ahead.

A great time had by all, despite the searing heat (whilst watching the far smarter canoeists below). I’m looking forward to revisiting and photographing the gorge on first light later on in autumn.








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