Hello 2018!

So 2018 has nearly just arrived (as I write this it is exactly 6.23pm, Dec 31st 2017).

And what a year it has been; certainly a roller coaster. As a wedding and portraiture photographer on the NSW North Coast it has been a busy but truly exciting year translating some amazing, intimate and heartfelt love and life stories.  I have photographed brand spanking new little babes in all shapes, sizes and cultures; preserved memories of those now resting, and photographed the love between some beautiful couples, young and old. I have studied and trained. Been mentored and inspired. Constantly learning what I can to continue to develop, evolve, appreciate and respect my craft and operate within a highly competitive industry. Yes 2017 has been massive, but successful.

Though by the end of November, after such a busy year I felt somewhat fatigued and a smidge bit creatively drained. So I caught a flight to Tassie to visit some much missed family and reconnected with what originally inspired this amazing career of mine.


(you may just have stolen my heart)



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